Is it true that too often accessing social media can make no confidence

After uploading a photo or status on social media, what do you do? Waiting for how many friends like your status or photo? Disappointed if your photo doesn't get many likes? Or, it doesn't matter how many likes you get? Your response on social media can actually show how you see yourself, you know. Every day, social media users are competing to upload the best photos, status, or videos and hope to get lots of likes. Some people try to show the beautiful side of their lives on social media even though they may have a lot of problems. This habit makes someone rarely use their time to recognize themselves. Tendency to Comparison with Other People People aged 18-25 years on average use social media to get the latest information about what's being viral, make new friends, or just strengthen friendships. Unfortunately, some people are trapped in feelings of inferiority after using social media. The study found that when using social media, about 88% of people will compare
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